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A legendary cheese
Since the eleventh century, the history of cheese in the Abondance Valley is closely linked to the history of the Abbey of Abondance. From this time the monks realized that cheese could become the true wealth of the valley of Abondance, lost in the mountains, and serve as a currency of exchange.
Clearing of forests, improvement of livestock, creation of alpine pastures and pastures ... The monks of the Abbey Abondance encouraged the development of pastoral activity. They favor the pasture at altitude of a cow breed that will take the name of the valley. They receive the summer milk production tax, transformed into cheese.
Served at the table of the largest
But it was in 1381 that the cheese acquires letters of nobility during the election of Pope Clement VII in Avignon, for it is served at the table of the conclave. Very quickly it will also find its place at the best tables of the Court of Savoy. The cheese became so well known that it served as currency at a time when there was little cash.
In collaboration with the peasants, a culture and an economic activity have come to light.
Distinguished at the European level by a Protected Designation of Origin, the cheese of Abondance is a cheese with melted cheese and fine and fruity aromas, harmoniously blending delicate notes of hazelnut and a slight tip of bitterness.
L'Abondance is now made by about fifty farmers and small workshops: "Fruitières". This cheese is produced exclusively with the raw and whole milk of Abondances, Tarines and Montbéliardes cows and is produced in the mountainous region of Haute-Savoie, ranging from the Abondance valley to the Aravis vineyards. Abundance farmer is made on the farm, in the valley or in the pasture, to the care of the producer with the only milk of his herd. It takes an average of 10 liters of milk to get 1 kg of abundance.
Abondance owes the marks present on its crust to the linen cloth that surrounds the cheese during its molding. It is refined to a minimum of three months in a cool and humid cellar.
Consumer Advice
To preserve the flavors of your Abundance, keep it wrapped in a food paper in the refrigerator's crisper. We also advise you, to appreciate it to its true value, to think well to leave it about 1 hour before serving it.