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Château Devise d'Ardilley - Cru bourgeois

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Château Devise d'Ardilley - Cru bourgeois - Bordeaux - Haut-Médoc

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The cru bourgeois, Château Devise d’Ardilley, is a wine that has character and that knows how to delight the taste buds of enthusiasts as beginners. Over time, its excellence has become obvious. This vintage has not ceased to contribute to the charm of the Medoc vineyard.
It began to be vintage and was the great winner of the Coupe des Crus Bourgeois in 2008. This wine can meet all the demands that you normally expect from a cru bourgeois.
There is nothing better then a good red wine to accompany your meat dishes! Do you prefer an aperitif before your dinner? This wine can accompany your delicacies or any other appetizers to share with family or friends.
The tank with a capacity of 1000 hl (12 tanks from 19 to 150hl) is made of stainless steel with thermoregulation. Alcoholic and malo-lactic vinification is carried out in a traditional manner with the use, where necessary, of new techniques such as cold maceration, reverse osmosis concentration and micro oxygenation.
1. Winner of the COUPE DES CRUS BOURGEOIS DU MEDOC in 2011 (vintage 2008). "A lot of freshness and elegance, brilliant fruitiness, rich, soft, fleshy tannins, long and harmonious wine"
2. Jacques DUPONT « LE POINT » 2009 14.5/20 ; 2010 15/20 ; 2011 15/20 ; 2012 14/20
3. Le GUIDE HACHETTE (editions 2003 to 2015) selected the vintages 1999 to 2011 with a star
4. Le GUIDE DES MEILLEURS VINS A PETITS PRIX 2009 et 2011 (Editions RVF et Gerbelle et Maurange)
5. DECANTER awarded 4 stars to the 2009 vintage and 3 stars to the vintages 2008 to 2010
6. Neal MARTIN 2009 92/100
7. Jancis ROBINSON 2009 15.5/20 ; 2010 17/20 ; 2011 15.5/20 ; 2012 15.5/20
8. Robert PARKER 2011 86/100 ; 2012 87/100