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The Comté is a cooked raw milk cheese. Its terroir is the Massif du Jura, an area of ​​medium mountain that encompasses the departments of Jura, Doubs, and Ain. The cows of breeds "Montbéliarde" and "Simmental Française" are the only ones authorized for the production of milk in Comté. Every day, the Comté is handcrafted in 160 small village cheese factories, called "Fruitières".
To take his taste, the Comté takes all his time. Its maturation in refining cellar is at least 4 months, but it is often superior, from 8 months on average to much more. The Comté is characterized by its surprising richness aromatic. It is not a uniform cheese. Each Comté wheel will reveal a different aromatic profile depending on its micro-region of origin, its season, according to the particular cheer of the cheese master, depending on the cellar where it was raised. In this, the Comté is a UNIQUE cheese.
Rich in phosphorus, calcium, mineral salts and proteins, the Comté is a valuable food, whose contributions are very useful to the balance of food. Developed without any additives or dyes, controlled at each stage of its manufacture, the Comté is a HEALTHY AND NATURAL food.
The Comté in a few figures:
The Comté is the first PDO cheese in tonnage (1,250,000 wheels produced each year)
Located between 200 and 1500 m above sea level, the AOP Comté zone covers three departments of the Massif du Jura: Doubs, Jura, and a portion of the Ain.
The average refining time of a Comté wheels is 8 months. This duration ranges from 4 months (legal minimum) to 12, 15, 18 ... or even 24 months.
A Comté wheel weighs an average of 40 kg for a diameter of 60 cm and a heel (thickness) of 10 cm.
450 liters of milk are needed to make a 40 Kg millstone. A Montbéliarde produces about 20 liters in 2 milkings, so the milk of 23 cows is needed to obtain a Comté millstone, and also 23 hectares of meadow minimum, because each cow Benefits from 1 hectare of meadow minimum.
The Comté enjoys the Protected Designation of Origin since 1958, and the Denomination of Origin Protected since 1996.