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Fondue Savoyarde

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Savoyard fondue is a regional dish of Savoyard gastronomy made with processed cheese and bread. It is prepared from local products, such as Comté, Beaufort, Gruyère de Savoie or Emmental de Savoie.
With the rise of winter sports and alpine tourism since the 1950s, Savoy fondue has become a popular recipe in France.
The historian Marie-Thérèse Hermann notes that fondue is not part of traditional Savoyard culture, but that it developed after the Second World War in Savoy. Only the northern part, bordering Switzerland, knew this dish. However, because of its cost, it was not widespread. Farmers could occasionally put a piece of cheese over the fire and eat it with bread.
This dish is part of the main recipes of Savoyard cuisine requiring pressed cooked cheeses and white wine, along with berthoud, cheese crusts and pan-fried mountain cheese.