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Neufchâtel pasteurized / raw milk




The heart-shaped soft cheese with a flowery rind, this cheese, typical of the Pays de Bray region, reveals, under its silky white rind, delicate salty and milky aromas.
Its original shape has been known in Normandy since the 6th century. Legend has it that during the Hundred Years' War, Norman peasant women sent these heart-shaped cheeses to the soldiers to show them their love.
Neufchâtel PDO is a Protected Designation of Origin of Normandy. Like all PDOs, it is associated with a precisely defined territory, a specific raw material and a specific know-how. No PDOs may be manufactured elsewhere than in the defined area.

Consumption advice
Norman cheeses go perfectly with many dishes and wines from French gastronomy. Our cheesemakers recommend a few gourmet combinations.
The draining of the curd is specific to the production of Neufchâtels PDOs. For the other three Normandy PDO cheeses, the serum is extracted from the curd after the cheeses have been moulded.
For Neufchâtel PDO, the technique is different. Once the milk has been curdled, it is filtered to bring out the serum. To do this, it is placed in suspended cloths that are pressed to obtain the ideal curd for production. The canvases are then removed and stored in a cool place until the next day. Only after this stage is the curd salted and the cheeses moulded.