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Pinot Noir - Burgundy

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Pinot Noir - Labruyère Prieur Sélection - Burgundy - Red

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The talented winemaker Nadine Gublin did not win Winemaker of the Year award in France in 1998 for no reason. She is instrumental in the making of this fine product from the Labruyère- Prieur partnership. This wine has a beautiful ruby red colour with deep purple tints. The nose is precise, slightly toasted with fruity acidity. The mouth shows liquorice, spice, and is slightly peppery. The tannins are fine, fresh and lively. A serious Burgundy Pinot Noir with an excellent ageing potential.
Ideal as an aperitif for its freshness but also with more elaborate dishes, especially with mushrooms or white and red meats. Its structure and bright fruit make it the ideal partner for an entire meal.