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P'tit Basque

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The P'tit Basque is an uncooked pressed cheese made from whole sheep's milk collected and selected with care.

It is in the heart of the Basque Country, in the charming village of Larceveau, that the Istara cheese dairy is located where the P'tit Basque tomettes are matured for more than 2 months. They are made there from December to July during the lactation period of the ewes.

This pure sheep's cheese offers great finesse of taste and a delicate character. Under its yellow-orange rind hides a supple cream-coloured paste, with a clean cut and balanced, sweet and fruity flavours. Its supple and melting texture is unanimously appreciated by gourmets of all ages!

Tradition tells us that long ago, the son of a Basque shepherd once had the idea of making his sheep's cheese tommes in a small wicker basket. This is how he gave his cheeses a unique streaked appearance, with this crust surprisingly sculpted by the braiding of his basket. In homage to its inventor, P'tit Basque bears his name and bears this beautiful crust with inimitable motifs.
Consumer Advice

The P'tit Basque goes very well with a little jam of black cherries or figs, fruit pasta. Cut into thin slices, accompanied by Bayonne ham and a pinch of Espelette pepper, this cheese is a must for your sandwiches!