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About us

Who are we ?

From a longing for products from her homeland France, Anne-Laure Manolis set up Monde Delicieux on the island of Corfu where she and her family have settled. The word has spread and the quality of the wine, cheese, charcuterie and fresh oysters, among other products, has become 
well-known resulting in Monde Delicieux’s portfolio expanding and developing, not only on Corfu but elsewhere in Greece. Nowadays we have butter from Savoie, cheese from Savoie, Jura, Normandie, Burgundy, wine from Bordeaux and Jura, champagne from Champagne, oysters from Normandy and Oléron Island, charcuterie from Pays Basque and Savoie, and even quail’s eggs from Anne-Laure’s very own poultry farm. 
Apart from regular tastings where customers can sample the products, we supply restaurants, boat charter companies, luxury villas and top-end supermarkets. We invite you to discover your favourite cheese to pair with your favourite wine from our extensive range in our webshop. A ‘Monde Delicieux’ awaits you.