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Livarot PDO is the oldest cheese PDO in Normandy. It can be recognized by its orange-yellow crust surrounded by its 5 sedges. It is a soft cheese with a washed rind made from milk collected in the Pays d'Auge. Its paste is blond and melting. It has the taste of its terroir: frank and pronounced.
Livarot PDO is a Protected Designation of Origin of Normandy. Like all PDOs, it is associated with a precisely defined territory, a specific raw material and a specific know-how. No PDOs may be manufactured elsewhere than in the defined area.
Consumption advice
Norman cheeses go perfectly with many dishes and wines from French gastronomy. Our cheesemakers recommend a few gourmet combinations.
In the past, the sedges that surrounded the Livarots were used to maintain their cylindrical shape. Today, these 5 reed towers have become an essential physical feature of the Livarot. They earned him his nickname of Colonel! This ancestral gesture, which consists in a simple twist of the hand in surrounding the Livarot with 3 to 5 turns (stipulated in the PDO specifications), is always carried out manually at the Fromagerie Graindorge by the binders. There are about 250 Little Livarots that are linked every hour by a single binder! In the past, reeds grew on the edge of ponds on farms. Today the cheese dairy cultivates them carefully. Some PDO Livarots are surrounded by paper lids. This particularity has long earned him the nickname of "Colonel" in connection with the officer's five stripes.