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Pousse Rapière - Château Monluc

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Pousse Rapière - Château Monluc

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Armagnac Liqueur with Orange (70 cl - 24 % vol.)
Pousse Rapière is an armagnac liqueur flavoured with bitter orange and mixed with sparkling wine to create a first-class, refreshing and summery cocktail. Its only producer is Château Monluc in the Gascony in the southwest of France - the liqueur has been produced there for over 40 years according to a traditional recipe and is not only very popular in Gascony. It owes its name to the Rapier, a light sword worn by Gascognic soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries, with which it was fought for the first time with an outstretched arm. Pour 1 part of Pousse Rapière into a champagne glass and pour on 6 parts of sparkling wine. Add half a slice of orange and an ice cube and serve. Pousse Rapière and sparkling wine should have a temperature of approx. 4° C before mixing.